As an employee of a school, religious organization, hospital or Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, you have a unique opportunity to regularly set aside money for your retirement by funding a tax-sheltered investment. Your account is easy to establish and the rewards can be substantial. Because it is a tax-sheltered account (TSA) retirement program, you pay no taxes on your earnings until retirement or withdrawal.1 Since your contributions are made with pretax dollars, you may pay less in current federal income tax as well as most states’ income taxes.

Other benefits include:

  • The convenience of automatic contribution through payroll reduction.
  • A variety of investment options.
  • Low investment minimums.
  • Low-cost loans, if your plan permits.
  • 1 A penalty tax may be imposed for early withdrawals.
  • Withdrawals are taxed as ordinary income in the year received.

You should consult your legal or tax advisor for information concerning your individual situation.  Tax services are not offered through, or supervised by Lincoln Investment or Capital Analysts.  A plan of regular investing does not assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.  You should consider your financial ability to continue your purchases over an extended period of time.

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